Meet Drake Zimmerman

Drake works with clients across the US, and in a few other capacities elsewhere. Drake’s holistic approach draws on coaching, investments, tax, family planning, and much more. More important than money is to figure out and integrate what is important to his clients, their families and their lives. Drake jokes, “When a financial advisor says money is not important, hide your wallet.” Money’s useful and most people can use it much better than they are.” Showing people how to ‘find money’ by doing something with a slight difference wins clients and makes fans.

The big ideas are that
‘it is the client’s agenda, not mine,’
and there are many things clients
would do if they simply know about them.

Sometimes discussions (advice?) include areas where Drake has formal graduate degrees and training, such as investing, law, tax law, financial planning, and social work. As the first person to pass the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy exams and guy who ran the cram courses for a decade, Drake is pretty well versed in philanthropy, where he also sees much room for improvement. He’s not ‘selling’ or pushing anything. If clients want to NOT follow the advice, up to them. Most important is clear advice.

Drake has traveled extensively. He co-founded local and global institutions that have seriously positive impacts, such as the local community foundation and the Alliance for Malaria Prevention, based at the International Federation of Red Cross / Crescent Societies in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2013 AMP awarded Drake its top Prize. Drake’s designs, ideas and organizations helped reduce malaria by half in under 10 years, saving half a million lives a year. A 30+ year member of the Normal Rotary Club he has started and promoted numerous projects, dramatically increased giving and inspired much other great work, receiving numerous awards in the process.


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